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The Alpamare in Bavaria was one of Europe’s first waterpark and one of the world’s first indoor waterparks.

We are pioneers in water park development

Founded by Max Anton Hoefter in 1970, the Alpamare has become Germany’s leading waterpark brand, and an often copied trendsetter. The second Alpamare was opened in Pfaeffikon (Switzerland) in 1977, and continues to be one Europe’s largest indoor waterparks. The basis of Alpamare’ success over more than 45 years is the unique combination of fun-focused waterpark with the traditional European Wellness and Spa culture. This unique combination of waterslides with thermal outdoor pools has enabled Alpamare to attract a wide range of visitors from all age groups.

Throughout its development, Alpamare has been an innovation leader in the waterpark industry. Alpamare developed one the first white water rivers, together with the Swiss Federal Institute of technology in 1984. Alpamare pioneered Europe’s first indoor waterslides in the mid’ 80s, building the largest water slide complex in Europe, according to the “Guiness Book of Records”. It was one of the first parks to install complex themes with hundreds of light effects, sounds and water attractions inside their waterslides. In 2001, the Alpamare built the World’s first indoor flowrider. Together with the German TÜV, Alpamare has developed several safety features that have become standards across the industry. Alpamare is Europe’s first waterpark with standardized operating structures and procedures, certified according to DIN-ISO quality standards. In 2004, it was tested as Germany’s cleanest waterpark. We have more than 45 years of experience in managing waterparks in all stages of development – from start-up to maturity and eventually replacement.


Over the years we developed or supported companies to develop eight water parks all over the world.


We have more than 45 years of experience in managing waterparks in all stages of development – from start-up to maturity and eventually replacement.



What we offer is more than 45 years of know how and experience of in designing, building and operating successfull water parks in Europe. Since we have gone through all the elements and stages ourselves, with our own money, we know precisely what is relevant for low operating and maintenance costs, and how to constantly increase the attractiveness of a park in a highly competitive environment.

Waterpark Development

We can support you in all phases of developing a waterpark:

Waterpark Management

We can support you in the pre-opening management

Turn-around and crisis management

We can support in a turn-around and crisis management

  • Analysis of the available markets and competitive environment (feasibility)

  • Water park concept: which target group, what quality level (3* to 5*)

  • Business plan development

  • Develop content of park (key attractions, layout)

  • Manage the planning and development process

  • Owner/operator representation during construction regarding attractions, design, and implications for operations

  • Review of construction plans, focusing on implications for guest experience and operating costs

  • Selection of key technologies, vendors and materials

  • Implementation of planning details that could have major impact on operating costs

  • Develop brand and marketing strategy

  • Recruitment and training

  • Development and implementation of operating procedures

  • Safety certificates for main attractions, quality certificate for operating procedures

  • Manage short-term crisis (financial, operational) based on 45 years of experience – bring in seasoned and experienced team

  • Develop restructuring program to bring park back to profitability

  • Implement operational and managing strategies to rebuild confidence of the market in the park and convert it to a profit making business


Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design, Technology and Marketing. There are a few examples of the work that’s been done to make a top-notch product.

Waterpark Development and Management

Alpamare Bad Tölz

one Europe’s first waterparks when opened in 1970. Located in the traditional spa town of Bad Toelz, the Alpamare quickly became one the major tourist attraction in Bavaria. Research showed that more than 2/3rds of all tourists in the area stayed there because of the waterpark. The park has received the Word Waterpark Association’s Industry Leadership Award for its pioneering work and innovation leadership in the development of waterparks. The park was closed in summer 2015 after 45 years of great success, to open the …. For new real estate developments.

Splash & SPA Tamaro

Rivera TI, Switzerland (waterpark, € 80mn) The park was awarded with the World Waterpark Association’s Innovation Leadership Award 2013. Waterpark and Spa on 10.000sqm, high-end waterpark with 5* SPA Role of Alpamare: Operator since opening 2013 Responsible for project development Concept finalization Securing financing Planning and construction support on behalf of investor; Brand positioning, pre-opening management

Alpamare Pfäffikon

One of Europe’s largest indoor waterparks with 11 long and steep waterslides, wave pool and several large outdoor pools. The park was bought by Aspro Ocio in 1999 and operated under Alpamare licence.

AquaFun park Veľká Lomnica

High Tatra mountains, Slovakia, Development of waterpark and Spa as part of larger development (golf & leisure, residential, hotel), Planning support, Acting as consultant to owner-family since 2005

Alpamare Scarborough

Waterville St. Petersburg

Overlooking the scenic Bay of Finland, the Waterville Aquapark is one of St. Petersburg's most exciting family attractions. The Aquapark thrills with its miles of water slides and rides, waterfalls, jet streams and wave pools - offering four swimming pools, seven water slides and an extreme 26-metre slide into the biggest space bowl in Russia - the aquapark is sure to entertain adults and children alike.

Waterpark Development (illustrative examples)

Sonderborg haven Denmark, Hotel & Waterpark

Development of waterpark as part of larger development based on a Frank Gehry Masterplan for entire harbour area, including art museum, office and residential Waterpark concept Integration with hotel Acting as consultant to developer (Danfoss) & hotel operator

Alpamare Crystal

Belgium (waterpark, € 35mn), Waterpark and Spa in development, Project development, Concept finalization / financial planning

Legoland Günzburg

Waterpark to extend seasonality and increase occupancy of Legoland Park and Resort (together with KPlan).


From our waterparks


CEO of Jodquellen AG

 Anton Hoefter is CEO of Jodquellen AG, the parent company of the Alpamare. The Jodquellen AG is a resort development company in Bad Toelz, Germany. He is also Delegate of the board of Splash & SPA SA. Before joining the Alpamare, Anton Hoefter was COO for the European Fund Business of UK-based Aviva, the World’s 7th largest insurance company. He was responsible for business development in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and operations in Luxemburg. Anton Hoefter also worked several years as project manager for McKinsey & Company across Europe. Anton Hoefter holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a PhD in economics from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.


Managing Director

 Stefan Anselm is the managing director of the Alpamare and operations director for Splash & SPA, with more than 25 years of waterpark experience. Under his lead, the Alpamare developed and installed several leading edge water slides, such as the first themed double-bob water slide, and built the World’s first Indoor surf wave (Flowrider). He was responsible for the standardization and certification of the Alpamare operating structures and procedures, making the Alpamare Europe’s first waterpark with a DIN-ISO quality certificate. Stefan Anselm is a much sought speaker on waterpark topics, he is on the speaker list of TÜV Süd, Germany’s health and safety certification agency for waterparks. Prior to joining the Alpamare, Stefan Anselm worked for Käfer Catering as head of all F&B operations of Munich’s opera, concert halls and major theatres.



Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I am very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas, student work or opportunities to be part of an event.

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